Frequently Asked Questions

How do you handle our encounter?
I treat our encounter like the luxury it is. Everything you send to me is kept confidential and held with the strictest of confidences. I personally do not keep any of our correspondence. Rest assured, your discretion is my utmost priority as I hope mine is to you as well. 

How should I handle donations?
Your donation should be in a white envelope, card, or gift bag and should be placed in plain view when you arrive to my location or when I arrive to yours or in the bathroom as soon as you arrive. Please respect that I will not discuss money or services with you in person and respect that decision. All the information you need has been provided to you on my website and by my assistant. 

Do you see newbies?
Yes I do. Please complete the booking form and fill out as much of the screening information as you can so my assistant can schedule you to meet with me. Please be advised those booking their first visit with me require a

Do you accept credit cards?
No, I do not accept credit cards.

Do you smoke?
No. I do not smoke. But I do not mind if you do.